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MalaSariLove - Crown Chakra Bracelet

MalaSariLove - Crown Chakra Bracelet

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This chakra bracelet consists of rudraksha seeds, lava stones and a moonstone.

Each is individually hand knotted. Because it is made of natural materials, there may be slight variations in color and size. - it is therefore unique!

Effect of the stones

The main bead of your bracelet is the seed of the Rudraksha tree. These should protect you against negative energies and support you in your personal growth.
  • LAVA
Lava stones have been added, which strengthen your basic trust and root you deeply in the earth with every step you take.
Have a positive impact on your energy centers — the chakras. You can intensify this even more by putting a drop of essential oil on a lava stone.

This semi-precious stone supports the crown chakra. The moonstone strengthens your intuition and intensifies feelings. As a result, the moonstone increases empathy.

Bracelet size

  • One size: 17.5 cm

Bead size

  • Rudraksha and lava 6 mm, semi-precious stone 8 mm


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