Raindrop Technique®

Raindrop Technique® - the revolution in aromatherapy

This technique was developed by D. Gary Young ND in the 1980s.
Their basis is the purest nature. It is a combination of aromatherapy, the knowledge of plants that describes the supporting effect of the purest essential oils, and the energizing rituals of the Lakota Indians.

The body communicates with nature - it understands it.

“Nature does not have to make an effort to be important.

It is she!” (Robert Walser)

A unique method to relax the back muscles in a new way!

By applying the oils to the soles of the feet and the back, the herbal active ingredients are absorbed into the back muscles.

Once there, they create processes that can last up to a week.

Man always strives for energetic balance.

He loses it in everyday life due to poor nutrition, lack of exercise, stress, dissatisfaction, impatience and much more - and he finds it again with the Raindrop Technique®.

The physically balancing effect of the essences supports the body in finding its emotional and energetic center again.