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Cybertron Radionic Analysis

Cybertron Radionic Analysis

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Energetic balancing of imbalances & energetic blockages

The Kybertron Delta is a radionics device that analyzes and transmits based on vibrational resonance. The vibrational pattern of the person concerned is related to the vibrational pattern of the subject being analyzed.

The analyzed vibration patterns are then transmitted to the person concerned according to the principle of resonance. In this way, energetic imbalances can be analyzed in a short time and then dealt with in a planned manner based on the underlying causes.

The bioenergetic stability of the person is restored and the immune system and self-healing powers receive more energy again.

During the energy transfer, the points shown in the analysis are balanced. Negative elements are discharged and positive elements are strengthened. In addition, individual topics (e.g. goals or wishes) can be transmitted directly into the energy field of the person concerned as vibration information through the radionic transmission.

The Kybertron Delta works contact-free, without internet and can be used at any distance.

The bioenergetic transmission comes from the device - and not from the therapist. So it is not spiritual healing with a virtual display, but real vibrations that are sent by the device.

What and who can be analyzed and balanced?

  • People
  • Animals
  • Building
  • Companies
  • Plant

How does the process work?

  1. After ordering, please send us the following data + order number to the following e-mail address:
  • If the analysis & transmission is for a human or animal:
    • Full name
    • birth date
    • Complete residential address
    • Human/animal photo
  • For example, if the analysis is for your house or apartment:
    • Full address
    • Single or multi-family house
    • In the case of an apartment, the floor
    • Photo of the house / apartment
  1. Analysis & evaluation of various complaints with the Kybertron radionic device - receipt of the evaluation by email within 7 days
  2. 3-week broadcast / energy transfer to improve and ideally dissolve the thrown out imbalances, blockages and complaints.

      Duration of the evaluation

      • 3 weeks


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