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Kenrico® ZEO Herbal Plaster with Zeolite

Kenrico® ZEO Herbal Plaster with Zeolite

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For cell rejuvenation and the elimination of heavy metals through antioxidant properties.
  • The herbal patches come from Japan and are filled sachets with natural ingredients.
  • They are mainly attached to the reflex zones of the soles of the feet using adhesive plasters.
  • The soles of the feet are heated by infrared heat. This increases perspiration and activates the release of the active ingredients in the plaster. The excretion of toxins in the plaster is thus made possible.
Application recommendation
  • The plasters are glued to the soles of the feet overnight. Spa treatment in spring and autumn to support the metabolism.
  • Targeted applications with 10-30 pieces are possible all year round, depending on requirements.
  • Mixing different types is always possible.
  • For applications on the back or joints, the patch can also be worn during the day.
  • The application time for the feet is between 6-8 hours and for other parts of the body up to 12 hours.
  • A repetition is recommended.
  • 100% certified organic herbal ingredients
  • hypoallergenic adhesive strips
  • vegan
  • pharmaceutical standard
  • real bamboo and tree vinegar powder
  • 1 g zeolite
  • 1 g Diatomaceus earth
  • 1 g tourmaline
  • Dextrin and plant fiber are mixed with aloe vera, arnica, ginger and dokudami and refined with vitamin C
Packaging content
  • 10 pieces herbal patches


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