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Fülöp-Essences® - ROOT CHAKRA Muladhara 30ml

Fülöp-Essences® - ROOT CHAKRA Muladhara 30ml

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The root chakra

The root chakra is the lowest chakra and is located at the level of the tailbone. It is our root and energetically connects us to the earth.

The Space & Aura Spray Muladhara releases blockages of the root chakra in the following allocation areas
Grounding - connection to mother earth - vitality - basic trust - connection to one's own soul - intensification of one's own instincts - safety - security - endurance - bones - teeth - digestion - intestines

A delightful fragrance blend of 100% natural essential oils that can be supportive in the following ways
  • Angelica root: stabilizing & grounding
  • Cypress: cleansing & strengthening
  • Vetiver: grounding & aphrodisiac
  • Spikenard: soothing & calming
  • Lemon yellow: concentrating & good mood
  • Lemon balm: exhilarating & refreshing
mixed with Fülöp-Essences®, water and alcohol

  • Spray into the air as needed.


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