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Fülöp-Essences® - FOREHEAD CHAKRA - THIRD EYE Visuddhaajna 30ml

Fülöp-Essences® - FOREHEAD CHAKRA - THIRD EYE Visuddhaajna 30ml

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The brow chakra

The brow chakra is our "third" or "inner eye" and is found between the eyebrows.
The sixth chakra stands for wisdom and knowledge and is associated with learning and concentration. In addition, the energies for the head and the sense organs flow together in it.

The Space & Aura Spray Visuddhaajna dissolves and works on energetic blockages of the third eye in the following allocation areas
Cognitive function - Seat of mind and reason - Intuition - Visualization - Inspiration - 6th sense - Self-knowledge - Imagination - Sensitivity - Ears - Logical thinking - Concentration - Learning - Brain - Eyes - Nervous system - Pituitary gland

A delightful fragrance blend of 100% natural essential oils that can be supportive in the following ways
  • Sweet basil: encouraging & strengthening
  • Juniper: loosening & strengthening
  • Eucalyptus citriadora: encouraging & stimulating
  • Lemongrass: refreshing & improves concentration
  • Violet leaves: resting & clarifying
mixed with Fülöp-Essences®, water and alcohol

  • Spray into the air as needed.


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