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Fülöp-Essences® - SOLARPLEXUS CHAKRA Manipura 30ml

Fülöp-Essences® - SOLARPLEXUS CHAKRA Manipura 30ml

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The solar plexus or navel chakra

As the name suggests, the solar plexus or navel chakra is located just above the navel at the transition from the thoracic to the lumbar spine. This is where the so-called solar plexus (=solar plexus) can be found, a network of fibers and nodes of the autonomic nervous system.
The third chakra stands for light & warmth, energy & activity, performance and is organically assigned to the center of our body.

The Space & Aura Spray Manipura releases blockages of the solar plexus chakra in the following allocation areas
Development of one's own personality - physical and mental strength - assertiveness - self-realization - positive integration of experiences - warmth, strength, abundance, energy in ourselves - digestion - stomach - pancreas - liver - bile

A delightful fragrance blend of 100% natural essential oils that can be supportive in the following ways
  • Star anise: strengthening
  • Fennel sweet: uplifting, encouraging & orderly
  • Honey dissolved in almond oil: gently tuned & warming
  • Mountain savory: loosening & harmonizing
  • Roman chamomile: balancing & relaxing
  • Clove Bud: grounding & stimulating
mixed with Fülöp-Essences®, water and alcohol

  • Spray into the air as needed.


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