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Fülöp-Essences® - CROWN CHAKRA Sahasrara 30ml

Fülöp-Essences® - CROWN CHAKRA Sahasrara 30ml

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The crown chakra

The crown chakra is located above the head. It is open to the sky and connects us to heaven and the divine. It is our center of consciousness, the seat of spirituality and enlightenment. The immune and hormone systems are physically assigned to the seventh chakra.

The Space & Aura Spray Sahasrara releases blockages of the crown chakra in the following allocation areas
Cognitive function - self-realization - deep inner peace - enlightenment - understanding of the world - spiritual understanding - acceptance of others without wanting to change them - great understanding of people - pineal gland - immune system - hormone production

A delightful fragrance blend of 100% natural essential oils that can be supportive in the following ways
  • Hyssop decumbens: meditative & stimulating
  • Vetiver: grounding & aphrodisiac
  • Neroli: stabilizing & aura strengthening
  • Almond: strengthening
  • Violet leaves: resting & clarifying
  • Rose alba bulg: heart-opening & enlightening
mixed with Fülöp-Essences®, water and alcohol

  • Spray into the air as needed.


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