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Fülöp-Essences® - THROAT CHAKRA Visuddha 30ml

Fülöp-Essences® - THROAT CHAKRA Visuddha 30ml

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The larynx or throat chakra

The larynx or throat chakra is found at the level of the larynx.
The fourth chakra is the seat of our communication center and also stands for finding the truth. Physically, the thyroid gland, neck, throat and also the ability to speak are assigned to it.

The Space & Aura Spray Visuddha dissolves and works on energetic blockages of the throat chakra in the following allocation areas
Communication - creative self-expression - self-determination - independence - acceptance of one's own strengths and weaknesses - musicality - fluency in language - inner voice - ability to listen - openness - ears - throat - neck - thyroid gland - jaw

A delightful fragrance blend of 100% natural essential oils that can be supportive in the following ways
  • Eucalyptus radiata: centering & stimulating
  • Nanmint: invigorating & mentally stimulating
  • Myrtle: opening & purifying
  • True geranium: balancing & accepting
  • Benzoe siam: safe & secure
mixed with Fülöp-Essences®, water and alcohol

  • Spray into the air as needed.


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