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dr Ehrenberger - Lutein+C eye capsules

dr Ehrenberger - Lutein+C eye capsules

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For healthy eyes

Carotenoids lutein & zeaxanthin are the main pigments of the human eye. They are also called inner sunglasses. They neutralize free radicals that are caused by short-wave blue light and damage the retina.

Our leisure time behavior and work environment can put a lot of strain on our eyes. We spend time in nature, go on vacation and thus expose our eyes to strong UV radiation. With the increased work on the screen, television, computer games & smartphone use, we absorb intense blue light. All modern LED light sources also have a high proportion of blue light. This short-wave blue radiation puts a strain on our eyes and creates free radicals that are neutralized by the antioxidant color pigments. If there are not enough pigments available, regeneration cannot take place and damage occurs.

Consumption recommendation

  • Take 1 capsule twice a day with sufficient liquid

Packaging Content

  • 60 capsules


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