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DeLila® Gem - 12 - Bravery

DeLila® Gem - 12 - Bravery

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"Bravery" Gem

Use the Meinstein as a protective stone or as a lucky talisman.


"I love and accept myself as I am."

Bravery = Inner Man


  • body treatment
  • protective stone
  • food transmission
  • decoration

Body Treatment

In order to specifically activate your self-healing powers, place the stone on a selected part of your body and let the energy work on you as long as it is good for you. The stones can be used cold or warm. For a heat treatment, heat it in a water bath. Ideal for massage applications!


To energetically charge water and food, place the stone under the water glass (size of the massage stone) or under the jug (size of the master stone) as an energy transformer. The therapy stone also fits perfectly in the vegetable drawer in the refrigerator.

Important information

Due to the manual production, the precious stones can have longer delivery times, since each stone is unique.

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  • 3.6cm


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