Cybertron Radionics

The Kybertron Delta is a powerful device for balancing disharmony and stimulating the flow of energy.

It affects people, plants, animals or things.

It is not only a mental but also a physical effect.

The bioenergetic field of the person being irradiated expands.

The immune system and the self-healing function receive more energy.

The body can relax and recover.

The Kybertron Delta analyzes and transmits contact-free.

The values ​​are determined by comparing vibrations.

Undercharges indicate a bioenergetic weakness with exhaustion.

Overloading is related to stress and being overwhelmed.

Both can refer to the entire body or to individual organs.

A tree becomes healthy

In the spring, this conifer became ill.

He was treated with Kybertron.

After the Kybertron irradiation, the tree has fully recovered.

Effects under the microscope

The blood cells are clumped and sluggish!

After being sent with the Kybertron

the blood cells are loosened and pulsating!