What is kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a holistic and effective method of reducing blockages and stress reactions, promoting potential and improving well-being, health, performance and quality of life.

PPK-Professional Practical Kinesiology®

In PPK-Practical Kinesiology, you can use the body's own biofeedback system - the kinesiological muscle test and arm length reflex test - to find out for yourself what gives you energy and what robs you of energy.

Since the tests are controlled via the vegetative nervous system, which cannot be influenced by the will, you gain access to your inner knowledge, which clearly shows what the next step can be for you in order to feel physically, mentally, spiritually balanced and well.

Every human being is a unique and individual being, with their own genetic disposition and their very own needs.

Everyone needs something different! Exactly THAT can be found in the individual consultation.

The feedback system of muscle testing makes it possible to directly question the body in a simple way.

Such questions could be:

"Do you want to balance a specific acupuncture or reflex point?"

"Is a certain medicinal herb, a flower essence, a homeopathic remedy helpful for the person concerned?"

"Is a particular food, an (imagined) social situation unfavorable or stressful for him?"

The aim of PPK kinesiology is that you uncover your energy potential to the maximum.

Energetic techniques and exercises at home will support you in maintaining the level.

This increases your performance and stress tolerance and you can experience a completely new attitude to life and how suddenly everything is much easier.